The Buzzers and Rs-232 connectors have arrived!!!!!

Hello Dr.Duino Users,

Buzzers and Rs-232 connectors BABY! 

I hope you are getting as excited as I am!. Seeing our little Dr.Duino come to fruition is very exciting! Today  I received two more of our parts which I mentioned in my previous update. They are from #digikey (love them!). I wanted to show you what a few hundred #Buzzers and #Rs-232 connectors look like.

The picture above is a top view of all the parts from digikey.

Buzzers and Rs-232 connectors BABY!

Next on deck for delivery are the test points (color coded, oh yeah), headers, arduino stack-able connectors, Jumpers and switches.

Ok, Ill send another update as soon as I get the other parts and/or the boards. Which ever comes first :)