Dr.Duino and Atmel

Dr.Duino has been featured in #Atmel blog! Not once but twice! Lets get a first hand look at the posts.

Successful #Kickstarter campaigns of 2014 Using Atmel

Everything from #3dprinting to #Arduino controlled nixie tubes (who doesn't love nixie tubes?). One of my particularly favorite projects of this past year has been from NigthShade Electronics. The makers of Energy Shield which is a perfect solution to andy Arduino project which needs a rechargeable battery.

The manufacturer of energy shield is also the same manufacturer being used for Dr.Duino (Jaycon systems).

 Dr.Duino Post Kickstarter on #Atmel

Atmel details some of the features of Dr.Duino. Really great read.

 Ok, Dr.Duino users, until next time!