Dr.Duino's New Feature Arduino Serial port

Ok guys, sorry for the long delay. I bought some new gear to be able to make better videos so had some setup to perform.... well without further ado... Dr.Duino's new feature can be seen here.

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  • Thank you Steve, can’t wait to ship these to you guys! Hope you guys find it as useful as I have!

  • Looks great – thanks for all the hard work!

    Steve H
  • Hi Chris,
    Thanks for the question.
    The LED’s are only on if there is traffic else they are off.
    Also, I will be making a special section on the website for documentation and I will also be providing instructions on how to build the kit.

    As an added bonus I will also be providing the code necessary to test the Dr.Duino shield itself.

    Thanks again for the question, keep’em coming!

  • That looks very useful. Do the led’s light if the serial is not hooked up or is it, only when actual traffic is happening?
    Also I hope the jumper settings are documented, because it wasn’t clear in the video.

    Chris Bruner

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