Dr.Duino™ Bin Full-O Boxes Winner Announced

What an amazing turn out for our contest! Well, as promised today the winner of the Dr.Duino contest to determine the number of boxes in the Bin-O boxes challenge from last week will be announced. But before we get to that I have an update for you!

All boxes ready to be shipped! Next stop is making the labels, printing them out and finally SHIPPING!

So... without further a due....... our winner from last weeks Bin full-O boxes challenge is none other than:

wait for it......Giligan

He guessed the closets with a guess of 347 boxes there were actually 398 boxes in the bill! So congratulations to Giligan, he will be receiving an Amazon gift card for his efforts along with his Dr.Duino™ unit!!

Until next time Dr.Duino™ users, don't forget to share this update with the fancy dancy buttons on top of the blog.