DrDuino at the Embedded Systems Conference!

Please join me (Guido Bonelli aka Dr.Duino) for an exciting dive into the world of “Making” using Arduino at this year’s ESC Boston 2015. There will be giveaways, so don’t miss out!

Learning and debugging your Arduino project will never be the same again after you sit in on this session! So come learn how to effortlessly get started with Arduino or debug like a pro.

In this session we will delve into the blissful highs of building stackable hardware and the lowliest of lows when trying to debug your megalithic tower of Arduino awesomeness.

New to Arduino and don’t know where to start? Well this session is for you too! During this session you will learn how to use a new type of shield called Dr.DuinoTM to kick start your entry into Arduino development.

We will start off with an introduction into the Arduino landscape. Followed by a personal project called “Orbis- The Amazing Kinetic Sculpture” which spurred the Dr.DuinoTM Arduino shield. A brief teardown of Orbis’s hardware will be shown which is a truly one of a kind build of biblical proportion. Included in this session will be how 3D printing/rendering, Arduino shields and Laser cut wood were used to create Orbis.

Next we will review all the pain points associated with building a multi-shield Arduino stack and the difficulty which comes with this method.

Finally we will take a review the Dr.DuinoTM shield which is like a Swiss army knife for your Arduino.

I am very excited to be presenting at this year’s ESC and look forward to changing the way you Arduino!