Orbis and Hackaday

On my “about-us” page, I talk about my biggest #make to date. Something I like to call “Orbis- The amazing #Arduino Kinetic Sculpture.” Well as of yesterday March 16, 2015, Orbis was featured on none other than #Hackaday! You can see the article here.

This hack was written by James Hobson (a hackaday staff member). Orbis was created with a mixture of technological enthusiasm. A technological mashup if you please utilizing, 3D rendering/printing on my #Makerbot Replicator1, a pair of #Arduino Atmega 2560’s and #Xbee wireless modules for uber cool and simple communications link between base station and controller.

The firmware was written such that only 1 piece of firmware was needed for either the remote or the sculpture itself. Functionality was selected via a simple enable/disable resistor on each board. While Orbis was initially meant to be a weather station, her roll morphed over time and is now a beautiful interactive sculpture used as a conversation piece.

Orbis also served as my muse for Dr.DuinoTM itself and was the very reason why I created it. While trying to debug my master piece, I realized that while Arduino development is awesome, it’s really difficult to debug between shields without mutilating resistors for a ground reference, mangling pins in-between layers as I assembled/disassembled stacks quintillion times. Not to mention simply trying to hit the reset button on the Arduino stack required an act of congress to ever so gently sneak up on the button and engage it. It was for these very reasons that I created Dr.Duino the Arduino debugger.

There are many more features to the Dr.Duino board so check it out and lets make debugging Arduino as awesome as programming it!