Open Source Hardware Group

When I was working on launching Dr.Duino on #kickstarter, I had the opportunity to work with Michael from the Open Source Hardware Group. If you haven't had a chance to look at his site, this is a must see for us #Arduinonauts. Michaels site is an absolute plethora of information containing: Arduino courses (Free and Paid), projects and Podcasts! This is a true one stop shop for Arduino for sure.


The free course (Arduino Course for Absolute Beginners), is a 12 part Arduino video training course. It really targets those with no prior experience and gives them the power to bring their creation to life! You know the feeling, your struck with your next great idea but wait, "how do I build it?" Well, this course is exactly what the newbie Arduino user will get! There is also a Premium course which is extremely reasonably priced and provides a 16 week curriculum. Michaels approach to Arduino programming is a real no nonsense one which allows the new programmer to truly understand what he/she is  coding and not simply copying and pasting.

Arduino Tutorials

All of the tutorials are super well documented and simple to execute. His simple way of coupling code, expiation of the code is really clear and concise. Here is an excellent example of a tutorial which allows a user to make one switch have two or more functions.

Podcasts, podcasts, podcasts!!!!!

Michael has had some really interesting guests on his show which delve into all thing open source.


Well, I truly hope you enjoy his website and do sign up for his newsletter.