A Breadboards Gotta Do, What Breadboards Gotta Do!

Sometimes you just can't avoid using a breadboard. As messy as they are, to test out circuits quickly, this is the best way.

But powering the breadboad so you have the right voltages used to be a sticking point.

Until a few years back when cool little modules like these started popping up all over the place. 

I initially remember seeing these on Kickstarter and they absolutely crushed it, it's just such a clever idea.

This little module allows you to easily add 3.3V and 5V rails to your breadboard project.

This kit you see here from Amazon, bundles together a quality breadboard, jumpers to connect to your Arduino and the power brick all in one little kit from Kumon.

Input power can be accepted from a standard barrel jack or USB.

So when it's time to start building your next great idea, you have to get yourself one of these!

Super useful, and for the price you can't beat it!

PS- Ever wonder where the term breadboard came from?
Fun fact, waaaaaaay back when electronics first started out, you had to strap your components to something rigid.
What was the standard go to? An actual bread board, yup, a real wooden cutting board for cutting bread.
They were cheap & readily accessible, and... it just kinda stuck.
Cool right?


  • I have been programming since 1969, and building circuits since 1965. I was using a “breadboard” when they were truly a bread board!

    Jon "maddog" Hall
  • Interesting fact about the term “breadboard”. I hadn’t ever seen one before I got my first Arduino starter kit and I remember thinking, “Well, this is what you get in a starter kit”. Not realizing that they have been around longer than most of the hardware that’s being prototyped on them :)

    Anthony J. Verduga

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