Memorial Day Tribute

In honor of our brave men and woman who have or are serving our county, for those who have given life and limb for the United States, I solute and THANK YOU!


No really, THANK YOU!


As a tribute, I've decided to create a true American type Arduino project.



I've nicked named it "The Ameri-Duino" and makes a pretty neat table decoration.


It uses an Adafruit Trinket, Neopixel ring, servo, 4.5 Volt battery pack, switch and a plastic case I had laying around.

The colors are difficult to see, but it's cycling Red, White and Blue!


After a few hours of coding and drilling into the box, I had a working prototype.
But something to note!
Neopixels and servos don't play nice! Why?
Because they both have exacting timings, so the solution is to use the built in hardware peripherals of the microcontroller.
Which perifpheral? The built in PWM's of course!
With a few firmware tweaks you can use the standard neopixel code with servos together without having timing issues.



Next was the American flag, I downloaded a nice big vibrant one, mounted it to a shish kabob skewer and used what I call "Engineers Tape" aka hot glue, to mount it to the servo.


It is memorial day weekend, so we are firing up the bbq, so I just so happens to have some shish kabobs skewers. :)


Next I made a 3D printed box (using a 3d printer like this) which disperses the lights a bit better then the box you see above. It's still hard to see the colors but in person its looks really great as it cycles through Red, White & Blue!

After showing it off a bit, people loved it and asked if they could buy one or two for the upcoming 4th of July.


So,  I decided to make it into a kit. Easy to build, easy to modify and all yours!


So what do you think?


I will be shipping this June 2018 just in time to celebrate the 4th of July!


Since it's so close, I'm only making 25 units.



I want to make sure I can get it to you before the 4th of July.
The kit will include:


Assembly instructions (video based)
Arduino board
Source code
Battery pack
Container for the entire project, Still working out this piece of it! So stay tuned


If you are interested in knowing when the "AmeriDuino" kit is available, just click this link and fill out my survey!

Talk soon,