Arduino's MKR1000 Vs MKR1010

Arduino Prepares To Shakeup IOT Offerings

Saturday May 12th, 2018 Arduino's co-founder Massimo Banzi announced a new generation of IOT devices which spring boards off of the popular MKR1000.

The MRK1000 was based on the Arduino Zero platform (a cortex M0 processor 32 bit processor) married to a wifi shield.

It is battery powered, and comes equipped with a Li-poly charging circuit which can be charged and run from an external power source at the same time.

With all of these great features, how can Arduino improve on it?

With the MKR 1010 & MKR NB 1500, they massively upped their game!

Both new flavors are based on the same platform as the MKR1000 except with some key new features.

The MKR 1010's wifi module has been upgraded to include the ESP32 by u-blox giving not only wifi connectivity but also Bluetooth.

It's also fully compatible with the Arduino IOT cloud.

And for the MKR NB 1500?

Well, this puppy is meant for cell use via LTE.

It currently supports AT&T, T-Mobile, Telstra & Verizon.

Arduino Ecosystem

One of the things which makes the Arduino eco system so awesome, is the continuity between hardware platforms.

Both new boards are fully compatible with the Uno, Mega and all existing MKR boards.

They have also kept the same footprint as the original MKR1000.

It's also jammed packed with a wide array of interfaces including: I2C, I2S, UART and SPI.

Avoid 5V

Just be careful! The entire MKR family line are 3.3V devices, so unless you are level shifting, no 5 volt rails here!

From the sounds of it, these new devices are going to be available June 5, 2018 from Arduino and then via distributors at a later time.

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 *Story originally reported on Arduino blog.