Give Your Arduino Robot A Body

Several years ago I wanted to build a MASSIVE Arduino project for my home. I'm talking one so megalithic, that Darth Vadar himself would be jealous.

I called it Gooniebox, which is part time piece and part escape room puzzle box! It was featured by Apple, Make magazine and many more, but that's a funny story for another time!

While I was building GoonieBox, I needed more than just a 3d Modeled version of the part.

I needed that actual part, but I didn't necessarily want to buy the part because I wasn't sure if it would work.

Well... these guys (servocity) give you the .stp file so that you can print out the part you need for a dry fit test.

For example check this part out. I used this throughout GOONIE for a ton of different motor assemblies.

Printed they were strong enough to do the job till I got the actual parts in.

Here is where to find the .stp file!

Now just take the .stp file and print it out. I use my trusty old Makerbot Replicator 1.

It has over 500 hours of print time, this thing is a beast!

I did this for all of the mechanical parts which eventually ended up being the metal versions from servo city.

Here is a full blown version of the innards of Gooniebox. Take a look at all the metal parts.

If it weren't for servo city's free .stp files, it would have cost me a fortune to make goonie.

This is a huge service they provide, highly recommend!! I hope you found that helpful!!

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