Goonie Box Interactive Furniture!

Goonie BoxTM- Interactive Furniture

What's interactive furniture you ask? Well... sit down folks and let me show you what happens when you mix a bit of Arduino mysticism with the epic game "The Room" from Fireproof games and a healthy dusting of the classic movie GOONIES! (I know right????) Without further adue my Arduinonaughts, I give you.... wait for it... GOONIEBOX!

Goonie BoxTM Intro Video


Go ahead, you can ask. How on earth did you come up with that??

Well, much like my previous build (“Orbis, the Amazing Kinetic Sculpture”), I wanted to create a unique piece of furniture for my home which my guests could interact with. This time however, I wanted it to be something which I wouldn’t have to explain how it worked. Instead, I wanted mysterious scriptures scribed all over the sculpture to intrigue my guests. To lure and enchant them like a moth to a flame. But, where would I come up with something like this? I needed a muse.

What inspired me was a puzzle from the first installment of the game “The Room”. If you have never played it, after reading this blog post head immediately over to Google play or the Apple store and download all three games. They are jaw dropping in graphics, mind bending in puzzles and infinitely unique in game play. Behold… here is the puzzle which inspired it all.  

Could you imagine walking into a room and seeing this intricate piece of furniture sitting there with unassuming elegance?  Adorned with buttons, gears, and secret doors hidden throughout its structure screaming to be inspected. Immediately upon playing the game I thought, “I must build one!” It wouldn’t be till years later that I came up with a design worthy of this puzzle.

Below is a video of actual game play. Click on my friends!

Goonie Box Game Play


At the heart of GoonieBoxTM is of course an Arduino. An Atmega2560. Effortlessly whisking away my artistically written 0's and 1's into a symphony of movement, sound and game play. Taking approximately 800 hours of build time, GoonieBoxTM is my greatest accomplishment by far in the world of Arduino.

Goonie Box The Build

So... what do you think? Drop me a line in the blog and  let me know.Oh one more thing...When are we getting a remake of The Goonies Mr. Spielberg???


Many people have asked if I would make them one, however due to the high cost and complexity I usually decline. Honestly, there is something rather unique about this being the only one on the planet which I like. However, I have recently created something which I am able to share with friends and family. I call it Glowscenes.

Addictive Decor


Interested in your own piece of Arduino controlled interactive furniture? Contact Dr.Duino now!




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