Save Time Soldering!!!

What's the most time consuming part of any project?

For me it's always soldering up all my connections, wheather its extending a wire because it is a few inches too short, or because I am making that final connection to my megalithic build, that takes me FOREVER!

How I usually do it is by making 2 hooks, crimping the wires together to give a nice mechanical connection, then solder it.

AND finally, shrink tubing...

Well.. I think I am going to pick these up, man is this going to save time.

Just line up your two wires, and place one of these neat little shrink tubing, solder ring jobbies over your wires, head it and VIOLA! Your done.

Click the image below to check out more details.



  • Waiting for my kit I am going through your blog and found this. I have a sailboat and have to do quite some wiring and soldering. Shrink tubing is a must and these are perfect. Thanks for the tip. john

    John Miles
  • I have used these a few years ago but they were much more expensive and not so easy to use. Thanks for the the tip. Dave.

    David Wreski

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