Stackoverflow Interview: Dr. Duino helps us diagnose what’s next for Arduino

Stackoverflow Interviews Founder Of Dr.Duino

Late last week I had the honor of being on the Stackoverflow podcast hosted by Ben Popper, Sara Jo and Paul Ford.

It's always great to speak with fellow techies and discussing my favorite topic, Arduino!

We delve into how the Dr.Duino brand got started, where the name came from and the every popular Gooniebox!


If you're interested in getting your hands on your own Dr.Duino Pioneer Or Explorer, click here to get yours!

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  • I started my career in electronics in 1961. Vacuum tubes, miniature vacuum tubes and sub-miniature vacuum tubes, and fairly large relays were the mainstay components at that time. Toward the end of my training, if there ever is an end to that, we added transistors to the mix. 50 years fast forward and the Arduino Uno found its way into my world of electronics.
    My first thought was “Why do I need a microprocessor to turn on and off an LED”! But then the experiments evolved to include 10 LEDs which you could turn on and of in whatever sequence you could think of by just making changes to the program in less then 10 minutes. The whole setup takes up less space than the area of cell phone.
    Thinking back to the early days, it would have taken the space of a large bread box and the better part of one day to make the necessary changes in hardware and wiring to accomplish the same results!
    I was convinced that the Arduino microprocessor was the way to go in my future projects!
    Due to medical issues, I had to table all my projects for the last 3 years.
    Things are starting to look brighter and I hope to get back at it with all my Arduino projects that have accumulated over time!


    Alex Von Bosse

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