To Engineer, or Not To Engineer, that's not even a question...

WARNING, this blog post has nothing to do with Arduino. So if you want to avoid laughing at some odd engineering humor, I would click away!

Ok... you were warned...


My name is Guido Bonelli, I am the inventor of the Dr.Duino Arduino Uno starter kit.

Now that the holiday season is upon us, friends and family will be asking what to get for the engineer type in your life?

I would like to give you, what I feel is unequivocally the best presents you can possibly give an engineer.

The following are some really awful engineer T-shirts, I personally guarantee the wearer will love them!

(PS- my personal guarantee is not really a guarantee, it's more like a "hey, I'm 50% sure, they will love it." With the remaining 50% firmly rooted in the Hesienburg uncertainty principle.)

Ok, below are my top 5 gift recommendations for the smarty pants in your life!

They are all available from Amazon, so just click the picture to see more detail.

Number 4- Just the nutritional facts ma'am just the facts...


Click the picture for more detail

Number 3- The force is strong with this one... get it??


 Click the picture for more detail

 Number 2- Resistance is futile...

 Click the picture for more detail

Number 1- Nobody likes a negative Nancy...

 Click the picture for more detail

Number 0- For the practical one..

Click the picture for more detail

Thank you for participating in my 0 based numbering system article!



Guido Aka Dr.Duino...

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