Uploading Arduino Code Without The Arduino IDE

Have you ever needed to share your Arduino code with someone, but didn't need or want to send the source code?

How would you upload the code to your Arduino Uno, nano or other?

Well... Arduino under the covers uses AVRDUDE which is what is actually handling compiling the code and whisking your 1's and 0's to your Arduino.

The cool thing is that you can manually use AVRdude without the Arduino IDE itself.

I found this really great video on how to do it and thought it might be useful for you too!

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  • This was very helpful, but a left out a few important steps if your sketch is more complicated than the basic example shown here. I used a similar technique to program multiple 8266 modules that included SPIFF files for web interfaces and they have to be uploaded using a different command line mechanism, one that is not documented in the IDE verbose output. Another point that was skipped over was the fact that if you’re connecting each controller to the USP port of your computer directly, Windows will assign each one a unique COM port number – this has to be changed in the text passed in the command output. Once I figured out the syntax for uploading the SPIFF binary file, I was able to create a batch command that I could pass the COM port of the device to to load the associated binary files. This is MUCH faster than compiling each time.


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