PCB Jig and Mat Bundle

PCB Jig and Mat Bundle

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Must Have Tools When Working On Electronics

This exclusive Dr.Duino combo package is the perfect accessory for your Dr.Duino Kit!

Since the Dr.Duino comes as a kit and requires assembly, this will make it SOOOOO much easier!

Perfect PCB Holding Jig

Soldering and assembling requires two hands, but holding everything together means you need a third...
Which... unless you are part octopus, I'm guessing you probably don't have a third hand.
That's why You Need This With Your Dr.Duino Order!
Its super sturdy, wide PCB holder which can spin 360 degrees making assembly a breeze!


No doubt you will be using this handy fixture for every project you do moving forward.
With its wide base and adjustable frame, its a perfect platform to build your next project with!

Includes FREE Silicone Heat Resistant Mat!

Don't Solder Without It!

This is seriously one tough mat which can handle up to 500 degrees C of whatever hot tool you leave on it!
As you put your Dr.Duino together, you'll also love all the compartments which will help you easily keep track of the parts.
PLUS, I guarantee you'll be using this over and over again.
Its washable and not even glue from a glue gun sticks to it.
Dimensions: 13.8" X 9.8" x .197"

Net weight: .6 pounds

Maximum Heat Tolerance: 500 Degrees C (932 Degrees F)
** Mat size subject to change without notice.