Bliplace Sound Activated DIY KIT

Bliplace Sound Activated DIY KIT

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 Get The Conversation Started, LITERALLY!

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Bliplace is a wearable, sound-activated blinky LED kit.

You can make it into a fancy tie-clip, necklace, earrings, bracelet or whatever else you can attach it to.

It uses a small microcontroller and a mix of hardware and firmware feedback to automatically synchronize with and adapt to the sounds around it. 

It will pulse along with the ambient noises around you, whether you’re in a quiet park or a thunderously loud concert.




Who It's For?

Its perfect for anyone who loves blinking lights! 

Imagine walking into a room and as soon as anyone starts speaking around you, it begins to react to them or yourself.

It's guaranteed to be a conversation starter and make whoever wears it the center of attention.

It also makes the perfect gift for that budding engineer in your life who is chomping at the soldering iron to make something cool.

What Does It Come With?

Each Bliplace comes with everything you see here, plus a video tutorial to get you up and running fast!

Once powered, the battery will last approximately 150 hours!

 *CR32 Battery Not Included


Where Can I Buy It?

Exclusively on Dr.Duinos site! That's right, you won't find this anywhere else, not on amazon or any other website.

In order to keep costs reasonable, quality and support extremely high, only a very limited number of Bliplaces are made at any one time.

Since stock is limited, and we are selling them at an extraordinary rate, don't wait to buy one.

Once we run out of stock we may never carry it again.


An Exclusive Joint Collaboration 


Allow me to introduce a very talented and well known maker, Tenaya Conklin.

Owner and operator of Rogue Making based out of San Jose California.

Tenaya Conklin is a maker mentor. From finding out about the Arduino microcontroller technology in 2013, she's taken off with the electronic fever of making.

Originally from Berkeley California, Tenaya attended Indiana University Bloomington obtaining a B.A. in theatre, geology, and anthropology.

(Tenaya Conklin Wearing 3 Bliplaces With Custom 3D Printed Holder)

As Education Accounts Manager for Arduino, Tenaya advocated for STEAM in schools and helped to develop Arduino curriculum to help teachers worldwide.

Rogue Making is Tenaya’s personal efforts to bring maker workshops to schools.

She teaches sewing with electronics, soldering, programming, and everything wearable technology.

The Bliplace is part of Rogue Making's product catalog which is exclusively available for a limited time through Dr.Duino's website.   

Through a local maker group in the Bay Area, Tenaya was learning about several soldering kits available when shimmering LEDs caught her attention.

It turned out to be a Bliplace, at that very moment she knew she wanted to use those in her Rogue Making workshops.

So she contacted the creators and began using them in her classroom.

Now, she is making the kits available to you, Dr.Duino FANS!

Since there are a limited number of units available AND they are selling at an incredibly fast rate, make sure you grab one NOW!

 *CR32 Battery Not Included

**Assembly required, VIDEO and downloadable instructions provided