Arduino Uno Starter Kit

Arduino Uno Starter Kit

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If you're looking to get started with Arduino, then look no further!

The Dr.Duino will be become your go to kit every time!

So... what makes Dr.Duino's Arduino Starter Kit so different?

It's Four Kits In 1!

  • Learning kit- has all of the same components other kits on the market have except it's all pre-wired so you can stay focused on learning to code first. THEN, move on to learning hardware using breadboards.


  • Test Fixture- As your skills increase you will want to build more and more complex projects. Being able to grab onto a ground, or access a pin for your volt meter or scope is extremely important.


  • Simulator- Let's say you want to test out a concept really quick, you won't need to rummage through your parts bin for parts, then wire it up and then finally test it. Everything is built right in, so just start writting your code!


  • POWERFUL Debugger- One of the toughest parts of making stuff with Arduino is determining if you have a hardware or code problem. Dr.Duino, makes that the EASY part. With something called "Re-route it Technology" you'll be able to isolate hardware vs. code in seconds and not hours or days!

What's included?

75 piece kit including potentiometers, switches, headers (Male and Female), Test points, RS-232 connector, Jumpers, Dr.Duino PCB, USB cable.

Test Code & highly detailed manual


How Long Does It Take To Solder?

About 60-90 minutes depending on skill level.

*Soldering & Assembly Required of through-hole components only!