Expansion Pack

Expansion Pack

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Pioneer & Explorer Compatible

Take your Dr.Duino Pioneer or Explorer Editions to the next level with our first expansion pack.
When you do you'll be able to build all of these great projects!

Expansion Packs | 4 Exclusive Demo Projects

When you purchase an expansion pack, you gain immediate access to build any one of these four demo projects.

 *To build all 4 at the same time requires 4 Pioneer PLUS kits or 4 Explorer PLUS kits. However, if you want to just build one at a time, you just reuse the same parts for each project.


**The social distancing portion of this kit is intended for learning purposes only and should not be relied upon for safety.

 Graphics  | INCLUDED!

When you purchase a Pioneer PLUS or Explorer PLUS Edition, you'll have access to all of the graphics needed to make the exact same version you see in the video above!

Demo Code | INCLUDED!

You'll have access to all the code you need to run the expansion pack projects right out of the box.

PLUS! You can modify it and make it do what you want!

 Each piece of code is extremely well documented allowing you to play to your hearts content!

It even shows you which parts of the code to modify, to make it do different things.


Project Box | INCLUDED!


Each Pioneer and Explorer is shipped in a handy carrying case which serves a dual purpose!

You can use it as either a handy little storage case for anything you desire, or you can use it to make each of the kits you see above.

 You'll have access to an extremely well detailed step by step guide which helps you build each one of the expansion pack projects!


While the Explorer Edition is fully compatible with the expansion pack, the shield itself is larger.

It will not fit inside the carrying case as you see here with the Pioneer. 

What's In The Kit?