What is Dr.Duino?

Ever tried to attach a probe to your shield or grab a ground point? 

Dr. Duino is probe and clip friendly!

Re-Route It Technology™

When two or more shields are part of your build, isolating if you have a hardware or code problem is complex. With the swap of a jumper you can interrupt the signal and Reroute it from the shield above, to the Dr.Duino board. This allows you to separate hardware from coding issues. See how it works:

 External Reset button

Some shields cover the Arduino's reset button leaving you to scour for it. Dr.Duino's reset button is easily accessible no matter how many shields you have.


Easy access to color coded references!

Green = Ground
Red = 5 Volts
Orange = 3.3Volts
Blue for Vref, Vin, and extra I/O!





    USB is king, but sometimes you still need RS-232 for interfacing to older equipment. Other times, you need a simple loop back test. Dr.Duino's RS-232 hardware has both features!


    Built in Siren

    When an LED just won't do, maybe you need an audible signal to determine if your logic is working. Maybe its too far out of reach to visually see a simple LED. Dr.Duino's built in piezo buzzer is built for this! It is connected directly to one of the PWM pins allowing you to control the volume as well.

    Dr.Duino also includes the most common electronic components, so there is no need to break out your breadboard. Just pop on the Dr.Duino Shield.
    4 push button switches tied to input pins.
    2 active high and 2 active low.
    4 LED’s to help you debug your code.
    Connected to the Arduino’s PWM pins allowing you to control brightness too!
      Six 10K trimmer potentiometers pumped directly into the analog input pins.

      The window to your Boards Soul-

      The middle of the Dr.Duino™has a hole! That’s right, simply plug your Dr.Duino™ into any level of your stack. This allows you to still have access to all of your previous shields pins, IC’s, wires etc.


      *Note- Design subject to change without notice.

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