Want to learn Arduino but don't know where to start?

 Step 1- Buy a Dr.Duino™ and get started the easy way

 Step 2- Assemble your Kit

 Step 3- Simply plug the Dr. Duino™ shield into the Arduino Uno board and start learning how to code!

    Back to basics approach of learning Arduino

    Have instant access to all of the following electronic components and learn how to control them:

    • LED's
      • Learn to count in binary
      • Dim your LED's with Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)
    • Switches
      • Trigger the microcontroller to do something like turn on/off a LED. Or make a sound via the buzzer. LED's
    • Potentiometers
      • Learn to convert Analog to digital signals and dim your LED's.
      • Apply scaling factors effortlessly
    • Piezo Buzzer
      • Make some awesome music

     Other kits start you like this

    But why do this?
    When you can start like this!

      Traditional Arduino kits

      • Accidental Miss wires are so easy
      • lose wires are very common using bread board technique and very hard to find
      • Constant wiring and re-wiring as you progress through various experiments
      • Potential problems in either Hardware or Firmware AT THE SAME TIME makes it difficult for the newbie.

      The Dr.Duino Way

      • Misswires are impossible
      • Nothing will come loose
      • Use the same board for all experiments
      • Isolate problems to only your code!

      Cool, what about after I master all this stuff?

      You will always be able to use Dr.Duino™ on your future projects as it doubles as a hardware debugger. See the debugging details here.