Facebook VIP Group Exclusively for Dr.Duino Customers

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Dr.Duino's VIP Group

Some times you just have a quick question about Arduino and don't want to spend hours hunting through useless and most times downright nasty forums.
That's why I created the Dr.Duino VIP facebook group which is exclusively for Dr.Duino customers!


If you have ever visited some of the Arduino forums, they can be viscous.

Here is an example from a very popular Arduino forum from someone who asked a simple question.

He wanted to know what was some of the hurdles when entering Arduino?

Ready for one of the users responses?

This is sad...


 Who needs that?

You need a place where you can feel safe to ask the silly questions without fear of persecution.

A place where the only "silly question" is why didn't you ask your silly question?

 A place which is newbie friendly, and has tons of really great people with awesome projects going on!

Plus sooooo much more!

Here is what one of our members had to say!


Who Is Inside

We are a 500+ member Facebook group with all levels of experience ready, willing and able to get their hands dirty with you!

  • Large Retiree community!

  • Teachers & Educators

  • Ham Radio Aficionados

  • Home Automation Tinkers

  • Special Effects Masters

  • Model Railroad buiders

And so much more!

Sounds Great! But what Else Do I Get?

Ready? Your going to love this!!!

Sharing Projects and Code!

Lot's of Dr.Duino users are building cool projects and often times share them including the code!

The picture you see above is an example of what one member of our group made and shared the parts list and code too!



For example this month we are offering a chance to win a FREE 1 year subscription to programming Academy's Arduino video course!

A $99 value, and I'm raffling it off for free!

Other times we run a chance to win unique Arduino sensors, tools, and other cool and USEFUL Arduino related products.

If you win, that alone could pay for this!


Directors Cut Special Behind The Scenes Access

When you become a Dr.Duino customer, your not buying from some nameless juggernaut which makes you part of an endless series of useless emails.

Instead you are buying from the owner and operator of the business which means you can expect exclusive content.

I am regularly in the group and post all sorts of cool and novel things.

So what do you say?

Will you join us in our exclusive little group and learn, see things like you never have before?

See you on the inside!

Guido Aka Dr.Duino