Keep The Peace Silicone Mat

Keep The Peace Silicone Mat

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Tell me if this sounds familiar, you need to solder something "real quick"... so you grab your iron, whatever your soldering, and your spool of solder.

You start soldering and by accident added a bit too much solder.

Oooppsss too late, SPLASH you accidentally get some solder on your work area, which just so happens to be on the dinning room table.

After you scratch the solder blob off, you see it left a mark on your table.

OUCH! That's not going to go over well...

Instead, when you solder, use our "keep the peace Silicone soldering Mat" and never worry about another solder splash again!

This is seriously one tough mat which can handle up to 500 degrees C of whatever hot tool you leave on it!

INCLUDING SOLDER SPLASHES which will not stick to this material.

Its washable and not even glue from a glue gun sticks to it.

So next time you need to solder, save your furniture and keep the peace around your home knowing that this silicone mat, can handle whatever you throw (or solder splash at it).

Dimensions: 13.8" X 9.8" x .197"

Net weight: .8 pounds

Maximum Heat Tolerance: 500 Degrees C (932 Degrees F)

** Mat size subject to change without notice.