Keep The Peace Heat Insulated Silicone Desk Pad!

Keep The Peace Heat Insulated Silicone Desk Pad!

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Stop Burning Holes In Your Desk/Dinning Room Table!

How many times have you needed to solder something "really quick"... so you bust out your iron, place it on the table and get to work!

Then all of a sudden you realize ugh... this isn't going to be as quick as I thought, so you continue soldering.

In haste, you drop a little solder here, a little solder there...

So you put down your iron to quickly clean it up before anyone sees


What's that smell you think?

OMG, you just burnt your perfectly new dinning room table and got solder all over it!

That's not going to go over well...

Instead, keep the peace with this super heat resistant, large silicone mat.

This mat will stand up to the toughest "really quick" missions you can throw at it!

With large compartments, and magnets to hold those tiny little screws, it will make your work so much easier.

PLUS! It's completely fold-able, so you can just roll everything up in a hurry and get it off the table!

How's that for keeping the peace! It's a win win for everyone!

Dimensions: 17.7" X 11.81" x .197"

Net weight: 1.44 pounds
Material: Insulated silicone pad
Color: Blue

Maximum Heat Tolerance: 500 Degrees C (932 Degrees F)