Dr.Duino Pioneer Edition

Dr.Duino Pioneer Edition

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Become An Electronics Master, Faster With Dr.Duino!

*Simple Assembly Required 60-90 Minutes Depending on skill level.
**Shown here with the Dr.Duino Expansion Pack, Sold Separately.

Get started in the exciting world of electronics with this complete Arduino Uno compatible starter kit.

It's specifically designed for those new to electronics and the Arduino Uno ecosystem.

It has everything you need to learn about electronics and comes with FUN projects you can build right out of the box.

Your Electronics Learning Studio

*Shown here with the Dr.Duino Expansion Pack, Sold Separately.

An ultra compact, yet fully featured electronics learning platform for any Arduino Uno compatible board.

You'll be learning at light speed and building super cool projects even faster!


How Does It Work?

A Mini Motherboard

At its heart is a special type of motherboard.

It is based on an electronics platform from a company named Arduino.

The form factor which you see above is based on the wildly popular Arduino Uno.

In the center of the board shown above is whats called a "Microcontroller" which is essentially the brains of the entire board.

It's programmed in a very easy to learn language called C.

Who is Arduino?

An Electronics Eco System

Arduino is an Italian based company who single handedly changed the face of how people get started in electronics.

ANYONE with a desire to learn about electronics, can make some truly impressive projects in minutes, not weeks, months or even years.

Arduino is a Registered trademark of Arduino AG. Dr.Duino is not affiliated nor endorsed by Arduino AG.


What's A Shield?

Stackable System

*Shown here with the Dr.Duino Expansion Pack, Sold Separately.

The Dr.Duino Pioneer (top left of photo) is referred to as a shield which plugs into any Arduino Uno compatible motherboard (bottom right).

Compact And Portable

Pocket Sized Electronics Laboratory

*Shown here with the Dr.Duino Expansion Pack, Sold Separately.

Once stacked on top of one another, you have a super compact, powerful, portable electronics laboratory which fits in the palm of your hand.

Making it perfect for learning and experimenting anywhere, anytime!


Why Learn With Dr.Duino?

Experience The Dr.Duino Difference!

Above is a picture of a traditional electronics kit (Yellow Outline)
Dr.Duino Pioneer Kit (Red Outline)
We recreated the same exact circuits that the Pioneer has but we used a traditional breadboard based kit.
It took about 2.5 hours to build up and test, which didn't include the 20+ minutes needed to find all the parts.


The Dr.Duino Pioneer which took about 10 seconds to pop on top of the Arduino Uno clone included with the kit.

No testing needed, it all just worked.

That's a pretty giant difference in both time and frustration!


What Can I Build With It?

Introducing Dr.Duino's Labs

Depending on which version you purchase, it comes with either 5 or 10 fun and useful projects you can build right out of the box.

BUT! It doesn't stop there, part of what's so awesome about this platform is something called Dr.Duino's Labs.

Each of the sketches (fancy way of saying code), is explained in a detailed and easy to understand way.

We take the roman mysticism out of it, which allows you enjoy the learning process!

AND... If you enjoy something, you tend to spend more time doing it, which is an awesome feeling!

Here is a list of the 10 Projects which are are not available anywhere else!

  1. Annoy-A-Buddy-Tuck away your Pioneer or Explorer in a coworkers cube, sit back and get ready to laugh. Watch them go crazy looking for where an annoying chirping sound is coming from. BUT! We won't make it easy on them to find, the chirp is at random time intervals, and will only be heard if your Pioneer or Explorer is in a dark place. Starter Project.
  2. Collision Warning System, thanks to the magic of sonar,  this handy piece of code will help you determine how close or far you are from hitting an object! Starter Project.

    Larson Scanner, remember KITT from knight rider or the Cylons from Battlestar Galactica? You'll get the code you need to make your own iconic versions of their cycling lights! Starter Project.

    Color Gauge, tons of projects need a way to notify the user how much time is left, or how full something is like an oil tank in a visual way. Well, this will do exactly that using high brightness LEDS! You'll be able to see the status of your gauge from clear across the room! Starter Project.