No Brainer Hero Kit

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Almost Done With Your Project But Then.....

You know that feeling you get when you just need one more 10 KΩ resistor, or a few jumper wires, or worse a spare Arduino because yours just blew up??

You are sooooo close to being finished with your epic project, but yet soooo far!

And of course, disaster struck at the absolute worst moment!

It's late at night, possibly over a weekend, holiday or worse a long
 holiday weekend!

What do you do?

Don't Wait Till It's Too Late!

You jump online and rush to see, if you can order from one of those big expensive distributors!

BUT, then you realize! 

By the time you get it, you are going to lose at least 1 week waiting for your replacement parts.

You could of course, pay for expedited shipping, but then, the shipping costs are astronomical for a few measly parts.

You could easily pay $75-$95for shipping ALONE!

You Need A Hero

That's exactly why I created The No Brainer Hero Kit for Arduino Users Like YOU!  
The No Brainer Hero Kit comes with all of the common electronic elements you need to fix typical issues.
It's an electronics kit full with over 1400+ parts!
For less than what the big guys are going to charge you for expedited shipping, you will receive the No Brainer Hero Kit ready to save the day just when you need it! 

This kit was custom tailored for Dr.Duino users, so you won't find it anywhere else!

What's Included in the No Brainer Hero Kit

1,400+ individual essential electronic components


  • 1-100% Compatible Arduino Uno 
  •  1-Basic Digital Multimeter
  •  10 Single hook clips, perfect for attaching to jumper pins on Dr.Duino
  •  30' Black hookup wire
  •  30' Red hookup wire
  • 120 piece male to male, male to female, female to female jumper wires. Dupont wires, perfect for Arduino
  •  328 pieces of shrink tubing in various sizes
  •  600 resistors - 1/4W precision metal film. 30 different resistor values from 10 ohm to 1 M ohm.
  •  210 Electrolytic capacitors- 25 Values, .1uF - 220uF
  •  50 Ceramic capacitors .1uF
  •  100 Led's Assorted colors and sizes.
  •  10 assorted color alligator clips

Our "No Brainer Hero Kit", ships to you from one of our overseas warehouses directly to you.

It does take about 6-8 weeks to arrive to your door BUT!!!!

This means we don't have to store it, which is where a bulk of the added cost comes from.

When you buy our hero kit, you are eliminating the middleman, which means we are able to pass the savings directly to you!

Your Ready For Anything!

Imagine having all of these parts at your finger tips at just the right moment.

No more waiting for parts!

No digging through draws full of a tangled mess of components!

No disassembling an old project to steal parts from it!

Everything you need is included in your No Brainer Hero Kit!

So take advantage of this offer NOW!

Over 1400+ pieces, (Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery)

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

I stand behind my products!

If you are not 100% satisfied within the first 30 days I will give you your money back!

Yup, you have nothing to lose.