Dr. Duino Explorer Edition

Dr. Duino Explorer Edition

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Forget The Breadboard... Get Ready. Get Set. CODE!

A full featured prototyping rig for your Arduino Uno Or Nano compatible boards.

The next time you want to build an Arduino Uno/Nano based project, reach for your Dr.Duino Explorer shield.

 You'll have everything you need to quickly prototype, simulate and test your concepts.

 All without having to wire up a single component.

A Makers Dream

Built To Power Your Ideas

 *Note- Assembly Required

You know the feeling, you're struck with a billion, nay trillion dollar idea.

You just need to test out a bit of code quick.

The Old Way Is Frustrating

Now it's time to break out the breadboard which probably already has an old project in it.

Then just rummage through this mess to find the parts, wires and tools you need to wire it all up.


 What if you didn't have to do any of this?

 What if you could just jump straight into your project instead of wasting all that precious time, effort and FRUSTRATION?

Arduino Uno & Nano Compatible Prototyping Rig

*Shown here with Expansion pack, sold separately.

**Assembly required.

*** Arduino Nano compatible board included. Uno compatible is not.

The Dr.Duino Explorer combines the ease of building projects using an Arduino Uno/Nano without the hassles of a breadboard to slow you down.

 Allowing you to develop projects faster than ever before.

 That means you spend less time hunting down wiring issues and more time coding.

 With everything from push buttons to a built in OLED, you'll never want to build another project without it!

Powerful Features, Portable Design

We thought of everything so you don't have to

Electronic Essentials

At your fingertips, not stuck in the bottom of a drawer



Advanced Capabilities


 Re-Route It Technology

Easily Isolate Hardware From Firmware Issues


With the swap of a jumper, you'll be able to easily and QUICKLY diagnose firmware from hardware issues. While at the same time, being able to probe every single pin of any Arduino Uno or Nano compatible board with convenient test points. You will use it so much, you won't know how you lived without it! Plus, it's exclusive to Dr.Duino kits. You won't find this feature on any other kit out there!

What Can I Build With It?

Introducing Dr.Duino's Labs 

Dr.Duino's labs is built on the core principle that learning should connect theory with real world applications.

When you purchase a Dr.Duino Pioneer or Explorer, you'll gain immediate access to 5 fun starter projects which are explained in a simple but fun way.

Below are the 5 FREE starter projects which will be included with your order!
  1. Annoy-A-Buddy-Tuck away your Pioneer or Explorer in a coworkers cube, sit back and get ready to laugh. Watch them go crazy looking for where an annoying chirping sound is coming from. BUT! We won't make it easy on them to find, the chirp is at random time intervals, and will only be heard if your Pioneer or Explorer is in a dark place. Starter Project.
  2. Collision Warning System, thanks to the magic of sonar,  this handy piece of code will help you determine how close or far you are from hitting an object!
  3. Larson Scanner, remember KITT from knight rider or the Cylons from Battlestar Galactica? You'll get the code you need to make your own iconic versions of their cycling lights! 
  4. Color Gauge, tons of projects need a way to notify the user how much time is left, or how full something is like an oil tank in a visual way. Well, this will do exactly that using high brightness LEDS! You'll be able to see the status of your gauge from clear across the room! 

  5. Night Lite, thanks to the Pioneers built in LDR sensor, you'll be able to create your very own nite lite perfect for those late night trips to the loo or keeping your little ones scary monsters away at night!

What's Included In The Explorer Edition?

119 Piece Kit


30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We stand behind our products and more importantly customers. We guarantee that you will love it or your money back within 30 days of receiving your order.
*Certain restrictions apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take to put together? Assembly takes approximately 2-3 hours depending on your soldering skills. With extra large soldering pads, and lots of room between components you're going to love building it.
  • What boards can I use with it? The explorer was specifically designed to work with any Arduino Uno or Nano compatible board.
  • Who is it for? Anyone with electronic know how who is looking to experiment with Arduino uno and Nano compatible boards.
  • What's the difference between an Arduino Nano and clone? In a few words... cost and not much else. They work exactly the same but cost less which means we get to pass along the savings to you.