Dr.Duino's Bin Full-O-Boxes!!

Welcome to another exciting episode of Fun with Dr.Duino Blog.

Today I have for you The Bin full-O Boxes challenge and status update!

The Bin Full-O-Boxes Contest

The Bin-Full-O Boxes- Just how many are there? Watch the video and take a guess at how many there are by posting to the blog! GUESS RIGHT AND YOU COULD WIN AN AMAZON GIFT CARD!  I will be announcing the winner next week, January 17th 2015!

Post #Kickstarter Campaign update.

Well, this Friday the 8th  of January (2015) I should receive the boards from the manufacture. I will be building up a few, if all goes well I will be assembling my pizza harem once more for an action packed weekend of stuffing boxes. I KNOW, HOW EXCITING IS THAT?

SO…. If all goes well, my Kickstarter backers can expect to receive their questionnaire by Monday January 12th! So reply quickly and Ill ship out immediately!

Well… I hope I have put a smile on your face at least for a moment with the video. If I did, amuse you if only for a femto second go ahead and share this blog update with a Big-ole like or tweet or +1 or whatever strikes your fancy (wait I think that’s also a social sharing thing, so pardon the pun).


Ok, until next time Dr.Duino users!





  • My guess is 500

  • Funny I couldn’t tell the scale of the big box till the little one popped up! My guess is: 347
    Thank you.

  • My guess 1031

    Ron Henderson
  • 505

    Jerry Farmer
  • @chris
    Thank you for the kind words. I have really enjoyed running this kickstarter. It has been a ton of fun and giant leaning experience. I will be running another kickstarter after this is complete. I hope to see you as a backer. And don’t worry my kickstarter backers from Dr duino will be the first to know!
    I hope I have peaked your interest


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