Dr.Duino's Escape From Oonie Island Adventure In Electronics

Are you looking to Get Started With Electronics & Coding but just don't know where to even start?

Well then , read on, because this is for you as we just released a brand new kit designed specifically for the beginner.

No Experience Required, No Soldering Or Special Tools Needed!
Welcome to Dr.Duino's Escape From Oonie Island™ an Adventure in electronics and coding!

Will You be able to Survive, Thrive & Escape Oonie Island™?

On your way to taking a much needed vacation, your plane crash lands on a mysterious deserted island.

You appear to be the only survivor, and have to figure out how to not just escape from Oonie Island, but survive and thrive while doing it.

With only your computer and Electronics Survival Kit (ESK) on hand, you'll need to build different electronic gadgets to help you get out of this mess. 

With it, you'll use it to help you protect yourself from a blood thirsty island beast, find water & send a message for help, all while learning how to code and build incredible circuits from scratch.

You'll learn step-by-step exactly how the circuits and code work, EVEN if you have no experience!

You'll be building a Morse Code Machine, an Advanced Personal Protection Alarm System, a Safe Cracking Device and much much more!!

Ready to begin your escape from Dr.Duino's Oonie Island? Click here to begin your Adventure now!