It's like a shield for your shields!

Dr.Duino Arduino Uno R3 Debugging Shield Kit Break out board includes: RS232 - LEDs - Potentiometers - Switches - Piezo Buzzer - Test points

You know whats awesome about Arduino? Ummm everything! You know what's not so awesome? Debugging your megalithic stack of Arduino awesomeness. When your Arduino project just isn’t working right, reach for your Dr.Duino and let it help you untangle the menagerie of ones and zeros stuck inside your Arduino! Dr.Duino, powered by awesome, powered by YOU! IN STOCK NOW!, Arduino board not included, Soldering & Assembly required.

$ 49.50
Dr.Duino is a break out board for Arduino! Let's make debugging Arduino as easy as programming Arduino!

Why Debug like this?   

When you can Debug Like This? 

World's first Arduino BOB (Break out board)

All Arduino pins brought out to headers for easy probe access.


Re-Route It Technology™

Quickly isolate firmware from hardware issues with the move of a jumper!

 External Reset button

Reset button will NOT be covered by shield above, even when stacked!


 Color coded Test Points for easy recognition

Green = Ground
Red = 5 Volts
Orange = 3.3Volts
Blue for Vref, Vin, and extra I/O!




    RS-232 Baby!

    Yep, built in RS-232 support out of box!
    Communications Loop back testing supported by a simple jumper.


    Stack'em Up!

    Multiple layer stack? No problem, use multiple Dr. Duino's to debug your stack!


    Built in Siren

    Is your Arduino too far out of reach but need to know if an output is high or low? Well, assign your output pin to this little guy and BAM just listen for the siren! Better yet, this is connected directly to one of the PWM pins allowing you to control the volume.

    Switch It UP
    4 push button switches tied to input pins.
    2 active high and 2 active low.
    Light It UP
    4 LED’s to help you debug your code.
    Connected to the Arduino’s PWM pins allowing you to control brightness too!
      POTs, POTs and more POTS
      Six 10K trimmer potentiometers pumped directly into the analog input pins.

      The window to your Boards Soul-

      The middle of the Dr.Duino™has a hole! That’s right, simply plug your Dr.Duino™ into any level of your stack. This allows you to still have access to all of your previous shields pins, IC’s, wires etc.


      *Note- Design subject to change without notice.

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