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Goonie Box Interactive Furniture!

Posted by Guido Bonelli on October 02, 2016 . 0 Comments

Goonie BoxTM- Interactive Furniture

What's interactive furniture you ask? Well... sit down folks and let me show you what happens when you mix a bit of Arduino mysticism with the epic game "The Room" from Fireproof games and a healthy dusting of the classic movie GOONIES! (I know right????) Without further adue my Arduinonaughts, I give you.... wait for it... GOONIEBOX!

Goonie BoxTM Intro Video


Go ahead, you can ask. How on earth did you come up with that??

Well, much like my previous build (“Orbis, the Amazing Kinetic Sculpture”), I wanted to create a unique piece of furniture for my home which my guests could interact with. This time however, I wanted it to be something which I wouldn’t have to explain...

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Dr.Duino’s Stem Class- Controlling 90 LED’s via Bluetooth!

Posted by Guido Bonelli on January 15, 2016 . 0 Comments

STEM is to Engineering as “the force” is to a Jedi. From a very young age I knew I wanted to be an engineer. I was fortunate to have my very own personal Yoda who also happened to be my uncle. He trained my young mind in the ways of the engineering force by harnessing the principles contained within STEM. Fast forward to today where I am an engineer and business owner. As yoda would say, “Time it is to teach while the force is strong .” Ok, enough with the star wars humor. I have finally reached a point where I could pursue my passion for engineering by teaching STEM via Arduino to the next generation. I was fortunate enough to find three young minds who were naturally curious about electronics. We currently meet once per week for several hours where I teach using real world projects. I will...

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Dr. Duino For Our European Customers!

Posted by Guido Bonelli on December 23, 2015 . 0 Comments

Dr. Duino For Our European Customers!

Hello Dr.Duino users!

Today I want to share some exclusive news with you! As of today, you can now purchase Dr.Duino's from Elektor, our latest new European distributor.
Order yours now and give one for the holidays!

Thank you all again for your support
Happy Holidays!

Guido aka Dr.Duino

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Dr.Duino available at Microcenter!

Posted by Guido Bonelli on November 12, 2015 . 0 Comments


It is with great excitement that we announce Microcenter as our newest distributor!

You can purchase them right now in their Ohio store, check out this link for more information!

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NY Makerfaire & Dr. Duino

Posted by Guido Bonelli on August 14, 2015 . 0 Comments


I am very proud to announce, that I will be at this years Makerfaire with Dr.Duino's in hand. It will be at the New York Hall of Science September 26& 27. Get your tickets  which are ON SALE NOW!

If you were one of my original Kickstarter backers, please stop by I would love to meet you. If not please stop by anyway and say hello!

Click here for a link to the Dr.Duino Maker faire exhibit!

If you share the link Ill have a special surprise for you at my booth! So hit the buttons at top to...

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Open Source Hardware Group

Posted by Guido Bonelli on May 09, 2015 . 1 Comment

When I was working on launching Dr.Duino on #kickstarter, I had the opportunity to work with Michael from the Open Source Hardware Group. If you haven't had a chance to look at his site, this is a must see for us #Arduinonauts. Michaels site is an absolute plethora of information containing: Arduino courses (Free and Paid), projects and Podcasts! This is a true one stop shop for Arduino for sure.


The free course (Arduino Course for Absolute Beginners), is a 12 part Arduino video training course. It really targets those with no prior experience and gives them the power to bring their creation to life! You know the feeling, your struck with your next great idea but wait, "how do I build it?" Well, this course is exactly what the newbie Arduino user will...

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OSHW and Sparkfun TED Talks

Posted by Guido Bonelli on March 29, 2015 . 2 Comments

Recently I watched the TED talk on Sparkfun, given by the owner of Sparkfun Nathan Seidle. If you are not familiar with TED talks, you really have to check them out. It is a fantastic way to learn about super complex subjects, in a very short period of time, in a easy to understand and concise way. Best of all, they are given by industry leaders who are excellent speakers.

During Nathan's speech he delves into differences between Open Source Hardware development and attempting to protect every idea via patents. While this debate is not new by any means, I find it absolutely fascinating. Essentially it boils down to this, even if you have a patent someone or some company will either steel it or circumvent it. So, why bother in the first place? After all patents are...

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Orbis and Hackaday

Posted by Guido Bonelli on March 17, 2015 . 0 Comments

On my “about-us” page, I talk about my biggest #make to date. Something I like to call “Orbis- The amazing #Arduino Kinetic Sculpture.” Well as of yesterday March 16, 2015, Orbis was featured on none other than #Hackaday! You can see the article here.

This hack was written by James Hobson (a hackaday staff member). Orbis was created with a mixture of technological enthusiasm. A technological mashup if you please utilizing, 3D rendering/printing on my #Makerbot Replicator1, a pair of #Arduino Atmega 2560’s and #Xbee wireless modules for uber cool and simple communications link between base station and controller.

The firmware was written such that only 1 piece of firmware was needed for either the remote or the sculpture itself. Functionality was selected via a...

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ESC Boston and Embedded.com

Posted by Guido Bonelli on March 11, 2015 . 0 Comments

Dr. Duino has made front page on Embedded.com for this years Embedded systems conference 2015. Check out the article now! This article was written by none other than the great Clive Maxfield. If you have ever read any of his articles you know how great they are. He is a true embedded arts story teller for sure. With really great articles of personal "makes" like his Infinity mirror.

 I will apologize now for the amount of time you will spend on his blogs, but they are all really great. So check out all of his great articles on eetimes or embedded you will be thrilled!


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DrDuino at the Embedded Systems Conference!

Posted by Guido Bonelli on March 01, 2015 . 0 Comments

Please join me (Guido Bonelli aka Dr.Duino) for an exciting dive into the world of “Making” using Arduino at this year’s ESC Boston 2015. There will be giveaways, so don’t miss out!

Learning and debugging your Arduino project will never be the same again after you sit in on this session! So come learn how to effortlessly get started with Arduino or debug like a pro.

In this session we will delve into the blissful highs of building stackable hardware and the lowliest of lows when trying to debug your megalithic tower of Arduino awesomeness.

New to Arduino and don’t know where to start? Well this session is for you too! During this session you will learn how to use a new type of shield called Dr.DuinoTM to kick start your entry into Arduino development.

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