Dr.Duino's Favorite Tools!

When I was younger, my uncle would always tell me "use the right tool, for the right job"!

This mantra has stuck with me my entire life and so I wanted to share with you some of the tools I use almost daily during any one of my builds.

These are also perfect when building your Dr.Duino Starter Kit.

First things first, the almightly soldering iron.

Where to begin? It seems like there are more options out there then their are blades of grass on the planet.

I am a big fan of weller, they are affordable, and crazy reliable. I've had mine for over 20 years! 20 YEARS!

Here are 2 options for you one which will last you for years to come just like mine, and a more budget friendly one for light duty use.

Weller Workhorse!

This is an upgraded model of the one I use, digitally controlled for exact temperature settings, this thing will be around for decades!

At a little over $100 bucks, its a bit on the pricey side, but this is a buy cheap buy twice endeavor. (Another one of my uncles sayings).

This will definitely be able to handle anything you can throw at it and well worth the cost. 

Buy It Now From Amazon (Weller Workhorse)

40 Watt-ERRRR General Purpose Iron

This little guy is perfect for light duty soldering jobs. I like to have ones like this spread through out my work area. When Im in a pinch and just need to solder something really quick, this is my go to selection. 

This is more of a general use soldering iron but with a very affordable price tag. Coming in around $40 bucks. Just make sure to pick up different tips, because the one it comes with is really thick and will be difficult to work with for the finer jobs.

Buy it now direct from Amazon 40 Watt Solder Iron.


Solder Iron Tips

I'm a big fan of smaller sized tips for when I'm working on my electronic projects and especially for soldering up a Dr.Duino Explorer or Pioneer.

The 2.4mm is my weapon of choice. This package comes with a nice variety though and they fit the weller workhorse above.

Buy  it now from Amazon, soldering iron tips


Protect Your Lungs

It's no secret that fumes which come wafting from soldering your next master piece can be dangerous to your health.

That's why I use one of these!

With a angled hood to help keep the fumes out of your body, your lungs will thank you!


Buy it now from amazon(Fume Extractor)


To Solder Suck, or To Not Solder Suck

That is the question! Me personally, I prefer a solder sucker over solder wick. But either will work. This is the same exact model which I have been using for 20 years. 

I bought my weller and solder sucker at the same time :)

Buy it now from Amazon(Solder Sucker)

No Clean Solder

Wait.. no clean, what's that?

No clean is a type of solder which leaves behind less residue than your typical rosin based solders.

It's perfect especially for the Dr.Duino.

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Keep it together Will YA!

There is nothing worse then having your solder drop off the end of the table only to have it unroll miles of solder on its way.

You then have the amazingly fun task of attempting to wind it up on the spool again which never quite works.

That's why I love this little guy, it not only helps keep it all rolled up nicely, but also allows you to pull the solder from the same spot every time.

Get yours now from Amazon (Solder Holder)


THE MUST HAVE Safety Glasses!

I can't tell you how many times I have been almost poked out my eye because I needed to cut something real quick and BAM, a piece of debris almost takes out my eye.

Well.. no more of that for me, these glasses are so comfortable, you'll forget your wearing them. They are anti-fog, and also have an adjustable ear piece for optimizing your comfort. 

These are a must have, must use item especially when building your Dr.Duino.

 Buy them now from Amazon (Saftey Glasses)


Strippers- The Wire Kind...

When it comes to working with electronics, the wire you need to strip are pretty tiny. Trying to find the right type of wire stripper with a small enough gauge is a nightmare.

I finally broke down and bought a good pair which is can handle the really small stuff from 20-30AWG (solid core) or 22-32 (stranded core wire).

Buy it now from Amazon (Strippers)


Speaking Of Wire!

Me personally, I like using solid core wired vs, stranded core. Just strip it and use it as compared to the stranded one where you have to strip it, hope you haven't nicked one of the strands which could rip off, then solder it to make sure it all stays together.

This is a nice starter set of wire, 25 feet long per spool and 22 Awg and works with the strippers I mentioned above.

Buy it now from Amazon (Hookup wire)


Pliers and Cutters Oh My

I have this exact set just in brown, I've gone through more "cheap" sets of cutters and pliers than I can shake a stick at. 

I finally had enough, especially when one of the cutters I had snapped mid cut and flew off and hit me in the cheek just below my eye.

Not with these guys, these are a bit on the pricier side, but I've had them for about 10 years now and they are still sharp and still going! Plus the carrying case is so handy.

Buy It now from Amazon (Craftsman tools)

My Dads MiniScrew Driver Set

My dad gave me a similar set to this around 15 years ago and I still have them! If you're anything like me than you probably have tools all over the place. This handy holder has kept all of them together for me for years.

Buy It now from Amazon(Miniscrewdriver)

Light Up My World!

LED Light

I just can't say enough good things about this little guy. I used to use a fixed type lamp on my bench, but inevitably, I always end up moving stuff around and wishing I had my light in that spot.

Well.. this guy fits the bill perfectly, its small, but bright and has a nice built in magnifying lens.

Buy it now from Amazon (Minilight)

Tackle Box?

Wait, aren't we talking about electronics? Why am I mentioning a tackle box? Well... its my favorite way to carry my tools around. 

Sure there are tons of tool boxes but they are pricey and don't hold much. Plus the deep top portion fits my weller iron perfectly along with the cutters and everything else I mentioned above.

It also is perfect for storing my caps, resistors wire etc that comes in the no brainer hero kit. My 1400+ piece kit of electronics goodness. You can see it here. 

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Ok, I think I got it all. If you have a favorite tool which is not here, comment below!